FLAVOR UP™ is a brand new accessory designed for the health conscious person on the go.  It pairs any disposable water bottle to infuse fruits, herbs, minerals, vitamins or tea. Loose-leaf tea is easily infused for a bottle of fresh cold-brew tea. 

Add your favorite fruits or herbs into any bottle filled with fresh water and enjoy the most aromatic water ever! FLAVOR UP™ prevents fruit or herbs from reaching your mouth. It is reusable and easy to use. Its sport cap clicks to seal your beverage.

Here is what you do:

  1. Add fruits, herbs into the bottle of your choice and fresh water
  2. Screw on correct side of adapter ring onto the bottle (You may need to disassemble your FLAVOR UP™ and flip the adapter ring over or try both sides of the 2nd adapter,  to find the right fit of your bottle)
  3.  Insert filter tube
  4. Tighten sport cap onto adapter
  5. Drink up!


Use FLAVOR UP™ on your way to work or to your gym. You may add your minerals or water-dissolved vitamins to boost your body in the easiest way!


  • Cold brew tea infuser
  • Designed to fit Dasani®, Evian®, & Volvic® water bottles
  • Works great with most greens, whites & herbals - our favorite cold brews teas
  • BpA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Travel-friendly


  • 1 FLAVOR UP / box
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