Iced Tea Control™ 1.8 l / 61 oz

Iced Tea Control 1.8 red

This robust pitcher should be filled to just below the filter insert with ice cubes - or even better crushed iced. Pour in hot water to fill the entire pitcher, place the lid into the filter and let the tea brew. Take the pitcher with you anywhere you want to serve the tea.
Remember: you don 't have to remove the filter. Just turn the lid clockwise when the tea is strong enough and the brewing process will slow down. No dripping, no waiting; just enjoy nearly two litres of delicious ready-to-drink iced tea.


  • robust shockproof plastic (PC)
  • suitable for hot and cold beverages
  • designed for outdoor / garden use
  • suitable for whole-leaf tea
  • also works as a juice carafe
  • easy to clean under faucet
  • ø: approx. 14,8 cm
  • height: approx. 22,5 cm
  • colors available: amber, red, applegreen
  • multilingual instructions manual (DE, EN, FR, ES, CN, JP)


  • 1 set / box
  • 6 boxes / carton
  • 180 boxes / pallet
Iced Tea Control 1.8 instructions


US pat. 6,318,244 - EP: 1 029 484 - CN: ZL 00106547.5

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