Size XXL (Extra Long) 60 Tea Filters

Size XXL (Extra Long) 60 Filters

The newest and longest disposable tea filters of the range, the XXL (Extra Long) fit into vacuum flasks and large tea pots. They have an easy-fill flap for convenience. Ideal for hot or cold brew of tea / herbs.

finum® XXL (Extra Long) tea filters, as all finum® disposable filters, are made from biodegradable cellulose and abaca pulp.


  • aromatreu® white paper (chlorine-free)
  • ideal for use in vacuum flasks and large tea pots
  • with easy-to-fill flap and folded base
  • length incl. flap: 220 mm
  • width: 82 mm


  • 60 filters / box
  • 15 boxes / master carton
  • 2.610 boxes / pallet
  • 4 languages (EN, D, FR, DK)
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